A technology strong enough to catapult both the USS Voyager and the Maquis ship into the other side of the galaxy. Having little choice but to do the right thing and destroy the Caretaker’s Array, the crew of the USS Voyager and the Maquis were to stay in the Delta Quadrant and find their way back home.

One year into the journey back home, the crew meet up with an alien race- the Sikari. They had a piece of technology that would enable them to travel forty thousand light-years in one second. Janeway was denied in using that technology when she asked. Disobeying the captain’s order not to persue the technology Tuvok, Torres, Carey and Seska takes it anyway but was not capatible with the ship’s technology.

In late 2372, Voyager is forced to go on without the Captain or their First Officer, unable to find a cure for a virus contracted from an insect bite. But managing to get their hands on an antidote from a female Vidiian physician, the USS Voyager was back on their way to the Alpha Quadrant with it’s Captain and First Officer in command.
Months later, Seska, previously found to be a Cardassian spy comes back to take control of Voyager. The crew is pushed out of their ship. They are forced to live on a Delta Quadrant planet for a while until Lieutenant Paris and the Doctor regained control of the ship.

The moment the crew had been dreading. In 2373 they enter Borg space. But opportunity rose when the Borg seemed to be vulnerable from an invading alien species from another realm. Captain Janeway forges an alliance with the Borg. It was not going to be a smooth alliance, as Chakotay had told Janeway; the Borg’s like a scorpion. It’s their nature to assimilate. But all the dangers and risks that came with the alliance dissipated as one of the crewmembers sent Voyager beyond Borg space – ten years closer to home.

In 2374, an alien technology belonging to the Hirogen, allowed Voyager to make contact with Starfleet Command by sending the Doctor through the datastream.

A year later, Voyager had been working on an advance piece of technology – the quantum slipstream drive – which could take them the full way. But that wasn’t to be as they ended up crash landing and dying on an icy snow planet. Chakotay and Harry Kim, on a shuttle, were the only ones who made it home. Fifteen years later, guilty of what had happened to their fellow crewman, Harry Kim sends phase corrections to the past Voyager to stop them from continuing to using that technology – saving their lives. He had managed to get Voyager ten years closer to home.

Another chance to contact Starfleet was in 2376 with the help of Lieutenant Reginald Barclay. This time, they were able to communciate verbally.

Finally in the year 2377, with the help of Admiral Janeway, Captain Kim and the Voyager crew, they finally returned home blowing up a few Borg and entering the Alpha Quadrant.