Name/rank: Captain Katryn Janeway Janeway
date of birth: 20 may 2332
place of birth: Bloomington, Indiana, North America
Familie: father: admiral Edward Janeway
mother: Gretchen Janeway
sister: Phoebe
fiancé: Mark
species: human
education: Starfleet Academy
Work: science officer op de U.S.S Batani, under command of admiral Paris


Starfleet Career Summary:prior – Science officer under Adm. Paris on the U.S.S. Al-Batani, Arias mission.
2371 – Given command of U.S.S. Voyager, new Intrepid-class starship. Ship disappeared in Badlands during mission to pursue Maquis ship.
2374 – Re-established contact with Starfleet via alien relay station, reporting that Voyager is stranded in Delta Quadrant and most of crew is still alive.
2378 – Commanded Voyager back to Earth by way of Borg transwarp conduit. Promoted to Admiral shortly thereafter.

Janeway is a tough captain who is not afraid to take chances, while her intelligence, thoughtfulness, dedication and diplomacy have earned her respect and recognition as one of the best in Starfleet. Her talents in engineering and science allow her hands-on expertise, if necessary; as such she has shown a tendency to defy the Starfleet protocol against beam-down of commanding officers into unsecured away team missions. She prefers to be addressed as “Captain” rather than either the gender-based “sir” or “ma’am.” Aside from math and the sciences, her studies have included chromo-linguistics, American Sign Language, and the gestural idioms of the Leyron.

This subject’s penchant for the scientific method and clear-cut choices has given her a healthy dose of skepticism, which usually provides a command asset in dealing with new situations. Her preference for difficult studies is self-traced back to childhood, when she would prefer that to outdoor play. Since then, she has indicated no pleasure in outdoor camping, hiking, or cooking.

For relaxation, Janeway enjoys role-playing and recreation in Holodeck programs, such as Gothic novels, skiing and sailing. In her youth in rural agricultural Indiana, she played tennis, and at age 12 walked back from a match she lost for 7 km in a thunderstorm; however, she has not played the game regularly since 2354. As a child, she also studied beginning ballet and performed the “Dying Swan” at age 6, but in all her activities — many of them pushed by her parents, such as gardening — she never studied a musical instrument. She has often ascribed this situation to her sister being the artist of the family.

The subject reports one severe depression in life, when her father died under the polar ice cap on Tau Ceti Prime in the mid 2350s. She stayed bedridden with grief until her sister finally coerced her into accepting the fact and moving on, literally dragging Janeway out of bed. The captain has credited her father with forcing her to learn her own lessons and not shielding her from life.

In 2371, Janeway gambled on giving troubled Starfleet renegade Tom Paris a reprieve from his Rehabilitation Settlement in New Zealand by tapping him as a scout for a search-and-rescue mission of her security chief gone undercover aboard a Maquis vessel. However, contact with her new ship, theU.S.S. Voyager, was lost after SD 48307.5 and all hands were presumed lost.

mulgrewName: Kate Mulgrew (Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew)
date of birth: 29 april 1955
place of birth: Dubuque, Iowa
Familie: father: Joan Kiernan Mulgrew
husband: Tim Hagen
children: Ian Thomas, Alexander James
Nationality: Amerikaans
education: Wahlert Highschool
Stella Adler Conservatory
New York University
Work: actrice


Kate grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, the oldest girl in a family of eight. She left home at age 17 and traveled to New York City to study acting. There she enrolled at New York University and was accepted into the famed Stella Adler Conservatory. At the end of her junior year, Kate left the university to commit herself full-time to her craft.

Exhibiting some of the legendary “luck of the Irish,” Kate was immediately cast as Mary Ryan on the ABC daytime drama Ryan’s Hope (a job that lasted two years), while simultaneously earning the role of Emily in a production of “Our Town” at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Connecticut.

At the age of 23, Kate was approached by then head of NBC programming Fred Silverman, who offered her a starring role in a series he had created with her in mind — Kate Columbo. The series found Kate playing the wife of one of TV’s most beloved detectives, Lt. Columbo. While a critical success, the series was canceled after two seasons, although it can still be seen in syndication under the title Kate Loves a Mystery.

Mulgrew went on to star in several feature films, including “Love Spell: Isolt of Ireland” alongside Richard Burton, and “A Stranger is Watching” with Rip Torn. She traveled to Europe to film the ABC mini-series “The Manions of America” with Pierce Brosnan, and spent time in Mexico filming the feature “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.” Mulgrew also starred in “Throw Momma from the Train” with Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal.

She returned to television as star of the ABC drama Heartbeat, where she portrayed Doctor Joanne Springstein, the head of a medical clinic. This series, which aired for two seasons, won a People’s Choice Award for Best Drama. Following this, Mulgrew went on to co-star in the comedy series Man of the People alongside actor James Garner.

Her episodic television credits include a recurring role as a Boston councilwoman and Sam Malone’s love interest in several important episodes of Cheers. She also portrayed an alcoholic anchorwoman on an episode of Murphy Brown, for which she won the Tracey Humanitarian Award. In addition, she starred in the UPN movie “Riddler’s Moon” during the 1998-99 television season.

Mulgrew is also a veteran of numerous theatrical productions. She made her Broadway debut in “Black Comedy,” a play written by Peter Schaeffer that also starred Nancy Marchand and Peter MacNicol. Her other stage credits include starring roles in “Titus Andronicus” at the Shakespeare Theater in New York City’s Central Park; and “Hedda Gabler” and “Measure for Measure” at Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum.

She is the recipient of the 1998 Golden Satellite Award for Best Performance by an actress in a dramatic TV series and the 24th Annual Saturn Award for Best Genre TV actress.

Mulgrew received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters for Artistic Contribution from Seton Hall University. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Tim Hagan, and two sons, Ian and Alexander.